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Welcome to Hudgens Sisters Confessions. None of the confessions are mine. They're sent in from other people. Please no hate. Enjoy! :)
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How do you know V is going to burning man? :)

I don’t. I just hope she goes :)

did you get me screenshot where stella says on twitter sthat she wants a msfts reunion?

Yeah but I looked closely & the account that said that wasn’t really Stella. It was a poser. xx

Actually Alec isn't following her private one anymore. But I doubt she cares if he follows her public one which I don't think he is anymore but whatever lol

She’s probably like thank god! Lol

Do you think Stella's "too bad it's broken" tweet is to Alec for calling her "mean-hearted"? Like she's saying he broke her heart.

No I don’t x

Do you think V has ever had a pregnancy scare? I only ask because I know a lot of people have had one or two by her age.

It’s possible :)

You should watch Alec's draw my life video and his #askalec video. He's such a snake. The shade he throws at stella was so childish.

I would watch it but I don’t want to waste my time on a peasant.   

is Omid gay?


what is kim's last name


Do you know omid snapchat?


Ooooohh I wonder is V is going to burning man!!! I sure hope so!!! I know Shawn is going. It would only make sense. Idk we'll see

I hope so! I need my Shawnessa fix!!!!