Hudgens Sisters Confessions
Welcome to Hudgens Sisters Confessions. None of the confessions are mine. They're sent in from other people. Please no hate. Enjoy! :)
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omg who cares the whole stella/kylie thing is just getting petty on the fans' parts

It’s going on 2 years & there’s still a “feud” that people are putting between them.

hahahahahahahahahaha people always want to create drama, jenners and selena did NOT copied any thing from hudgens sister,this photo is a tradition of coachella, every body who goes there has to take this picture.

I don’t think that’s true?

Hmm I clicked on the link and then clicked on the play sign that was on the screen and then another screen with another play sign came on and then the rest happened :/ I think it won't work on the phone, I'll just do it on the laptop later lol thanks for giving the link though :)

Ohhh. Lol. Well you’re welcome (:

So I'm on my phone and I clicked the link you posted for gimme shelter just to see if it would work and lets just say it definitely wasn't gimme shelter that came on lol #scarred

Lol. Really? Which video did you click on it? You have to click on the bigger video & the other one go away.

I just noticed that Selena, Kylie , Kendall and their friends copied the same thing vanessa, stella and her friends did last year at coachella
Anonymous :)

Do you think Zac was more into vanessa or the other way around?

I think they were both equally as into each other.

Any confessions? Send them in please =)

What's your fav Troy and Gabriella duet ? From all the movies.

HSM1: Breaking Free

HSM2: You Are The Music In Me or Everyday

HSM3: Just Wanna Be With You

Which nails of Vanessa you didn't like?

The ones she had for Coachella Weekend 1