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Welcome to Hudgens Sisters Confessions. This page is dedicated to the amazingly beautiful Vanessa & Stella Hudgens. Please feel free to send in anything. I do not accept negative and/or rude confessions. Remember none of the confessions are my opinions. They're sent in from other people. Don't send hate. I hope you like this blog. Enjoy! :) 
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wait do u think the pics were taken after her and Zac broke up?

It’s obvious they were

I saw the new leaked pictures of V and in them you can see her tattoos, so you know they were more recent then 2009 (when the older ones were taken.) It's really disappointing that she is still taking pictures like that. I mean, I understand she is older and she is allowed to do as she pleases, but you would think she would dispose of them properly. She's my idol and I thought she learned from the scandal and wouldn't repeat it. So sad.

She can do what she wants when she wants. She’s the victim. You should be blaming the bastard who keeps leaking her personal pictures. Such a shame how a male celeb never gets this kind of attitude when they have nudes leaked. Vanessa worked her ass off for her body. If she wants to show it off & be proud of it then let her. It’s nice to see someone so confident in their skin. If I see one more person say “you’d think she’d learn her lesson” I’m punching them in the face. Just saying..

Did you look at the leaked picture?

They’re all over twitter and tumblr. It was impossible not to come across them at least once.

oh my god what did stella say?

I’m assuming you’re talking about her birthday message to Sammi. She said “happy birthday lover ❤️I love you soo soo much and can’t wait to celebrate hope you had the most magical day” :)

Stella posted a message for Sammi’s birthday! It’s freaking adorable! Everyone can stop freaking out about them now :)

Hahahahahahahaha! V cheating on Z with Alexa? That's so funny

I think Vanessa went through this “wild child” phase in 2005-2006. Lol

Did Vanessa cheat on Zac with Alexa Nikolas? Bc I saw personal pics of Vanessa and Alexa kissing and it definitely looked to be in the time range that her and Zac were together.

No. Omg. Lol. That picture was taken in 2006 & it wasn’t serious. Just 2 best friends goofing around.

are those vanessa picture recently ? do you think they were for zac or austin? and why do you think she doesnt understand that taking nude pictutes is not good

They’re not new but they’re not old. Vanessa can continue to take as many nude pictures as she wants. She shouldn’t have to worry that some bastard is going to leak them. It doesn’t make her a bad person. She’s a VICTIM & the fact that some people can’t understand that pisses me off.

Can you post pictures (or link me to a post where you already did) of Vanessa's phone cases? My girlfriend is a huge fan of Vanessa and she's wanted a phone case similar to something Vanessa has/had

Here you go :)

Vanessa’s Phone Cases {Requested}

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