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Welcome to Hudgens Sisters Confessions. None of the confessions are mine. They're sent in from other people. Please no hate. Enjoy! :)
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do you thint that pia and ky are still friend ? I have the feeling that they fought

They’re still friends.

xhudgenssistersconfessions(.)tumblr(.)com/post/82745329845 could you post other pictures from this picture tradition

how tall is stella and v?

Stella is 5’4 & V is 5’2

Hey do you know where v gets here sunglasses from?

Probably from Nasty Gal

whats the model of the glasses? do you know the name or somehing? sorry for bothering xx

I don’t know. I’m sorry. You’re not bothering me :)

To those people who complained and bashed Vanessa wearing a Bindi, push it to the president to make it a law, so crazy. If you all don't know what is racist then, go back to school if you have time. Okay? Than to rant here without bases. You keep on pushing it.
hi im a new confession acc and IF YOU WANT can you tell people to follow me or a shout out?? only if you want (:

Sure(: Everyone follow them please!!!!!!

hi, do you know where's stella's glasses on the gas pedal video from? sorry for my english xx

I’m not sure but you can buy them just about anywhere. I just got a pair from Wal-Mart :)

All of sudden people has decided to forget we live in a globalized world where everything belongs to everyone. You're against cultural appropriation? Then you should not just stop wearing clothes that are originally from other cultures but also stop consuming food that's originally from other cultures like sushi, pasta, tacos, freaking tea. Everything would be cultural appropriation. Absolutely everything. SO CALM DOWN

Omg. I love you so much for this!